We really appreciate your support. If you’ve got any feedback on this year’s programming, please let us know!

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Your thoughts
The opportunity to perform was well advertised.
I believe street performance is of social benefit.
My performance was well received by the public.
The schedule was easy to understand.
E13 is a good communicator.
I was paid appropriately for my time and skills.
The process to receive payment was straightforward.
The 'Christmas In The City' campaign was well advertised.
Photography and social media was of good quality.
The programme was diverse and representative of the talent in our City.
I am interested in further performance opportunities.
I am interested in professional skills development.
I am interested in sharing my knowledge and skills with others.
If you accepted tips for your performance, approximately how much did you receive?
Frequency *
How often would you perform if paid opportunities were regularly available?
Is there anything more we could have provided to make your performance experience better?
Overall *
Please rate your overall experience with the street performance project.